8 Amazingly Cool Lieu From Harry Potter You Can See In Real life

Every time you watch a Harry Potter film, you can’t aid but think it’s one of the coolest examining franchises ever. Regardless if you like the movies/ works or not, stylistically, it’s astonishing .

Thing is though, what with it being a operate of story, you can’t call “the worlds” of Harry Potter. You can, however, inspect some of the cool neighbourhoods from our real world that feature in the blockbuster films…

Platform 9 3/4

Very much the portal into the wizarding macrocosm( or at least one of them ), Platform 9 3/4 is in Kings Cross Station, predictably between stage 9 and 10. Kings Cross have fully espoused this and placed half a luggage streetcar sticking out of the wall where Hogwarts students would run through…

Hogwarts Express

So you may be able to go on some species of Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter Theme Park but, if you visitthe Jacobite Steam Train in Scotland, you’ll be able to go on a study of a very similar ilk to Harry’s on the same picturesque front that Warner Brothers filmed scenesfrom…

Cave by the Sea

When Harry and Dumbledore depart Horcrux hunting in The Half-Blood Prince , they arrive at an unnamed cave by the sea where Voldemort’s locket has been hidden. In the film version, the caves in question arethose of the cliffsof Moher, Ireland. We don’t advise swimming out and clambering the rock-and-rolls. That would be stupid.

Hogwarts Infirmary

This features in the films several times per does Oxford University, in general. To communicate this particular determine, Divinity School was called up upon. Search at it … it’s Hogwarts! Imagine being in Oxford uni and, everywhere you go, you’re mostly in Hogwarts. Almost stirs me wish I was good at school.

Madam Hooch’s running assignments

Not really a prepare that holds top and shoulders above the residue but, if you want that genuine quidditch assignment vibe, search no further than Alnwick Castle in the heart of Northumberland. “Its also” where the Ford Anglia accidents. Fun.

The Great Hall

One of the most famous locateds, the Great Hall is actually the Christ Church College great dormitory of Oxford University. The measures in place to said hall are also used several times in the films. Thought is though, if you inspect, it WILL be full of students being students and doing studenty happenings … like considering and whatnot.

The Millennium Bridge

You know that ill-fated bridge at the beginning of Half-Blood Prince that’s destroyed by Death Eaters? That’s the Millennium Bridge … it’s still standing.

Glen Nevis

During the Goblet of Fire, Harry duels a dragon in front of a waterfall. You can do all of that( dragon and broom-less) by visiting theSteall Falls in Glen Nevis. This is also used as the backdrop for several quidditch games.



You are aware of the fleck in Harry Potter where they’re doing a load of occult with sprigs and nonsense? Feel it or not, that’s filmed in the little-known end known as England( pronounced In-Ger-Land ). Situated to the realization of the rights of Wales and below Scotland, this is a mass of district that’s emphatically on the up!

Planet Earth

I know, I was scandalized extremely. A lot of Harry Potter was film here and they are able to call it for FREE! In fact, ALL of Harry Potter was shot here. Miss to feel like a hotshot? Look no further than Planet Earth- if you don’t, you’ll end up in Mars and that’s exclusively good if you’re a fan of Matt Damon films…

Obviously there’s more than eight lieu that Harry Potter was filmed in but, you are familiar with, these are the best ones that you don’t have to pay millions of pounds to get to, or go to Watford!

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