6 Tips for Snagging Epic Snowsports Action Cam Footage

Get enormous decisions from your war cam as you captivate your gallants … and your epic bails.

When to Slo-Mo
The GoPro Hero6 can film 1080 p video at 240 chassis per second–meaning that when you brake it down 10 X, it appears amazing. But thumping the brakes doesn’t work for everything. Slo-mo is garbage for point-of-view angles. Save it for when you’re filming video of your friends–place the camera at ground level to cinema a trick–or when you’re( sigh) exploiting a selfie stick.

When to Helmet Mount
The helmet mount is the easiest approaching for most snowy activities. It captures acts the space you view them, so you miss a nice, fatty frame: Film 1080 p at 60 fps in Wide mode, with stabilization turned on. This makes a tree range definitely sounds like the speeder motorcycle chase on Endor from The Return of the Jedi .

When to Chest Mount
For all types of skiing, go with a chest mount. It’s more stable than the premier, and it makes your hands, spars, and skis into the chassis. It’s also best for a snowmobile or snowbike, as it gets the handlebars into the film. It’s rubbish for snowboarding. Shoot in SuperView mode for skiing, which fills the top and posterior of the frame.

When to Selfie Stick
Your best option for going primo footage when snowboarding solo. Use the same video trains as with the helmet mount, but if you’re going for a big ploy, crank the chassis charge to 120 to slurp up more detail. Try it with the camera both ahead of you and following you. For self-confident carvers only–wielding a selfie stick on a fast flow can be dangerous.

When to Time-Lapse
Action cams take great stills very. Give your camera to take one shot every half-second while it’s mounted on a selfie stick with do share-worthy GIFs or situations of extreme new Tinder profile pic. If you’re filming a sidekick hitting a jump-start or doing a nasty transform, try Burst mode. Then select “the worlds largest” epic still from the dozen or so the camera grabs.

When to 4K
Reserve 4K shootings for when “youve been” want to replicate the stage, like taking a washing shoot of the impressive panorama from the mountaintop. The Hero6 now does 4K at 60 chassis per second, so it’s too terrific for filming fantastically detailed act shootings. Use it sparingly–it devours retention placard cavity and battery life.

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