6 Rationales Chicago Is The Perfect Place For Millennials Fresh Out Of College

After all of those late-night survey conferences and incessant research papers, you eventually did it. You’re a college graduate.

It’s such a great feeling to accomplish a huge point, and now that undergrad is done, you are ready to move to another municipality. You want to be in a big city, but not too large where you feel like you might will be lost. You require diversity and the opportunity to find yourself doing something different every weekend. You want people to actually be friendly, even if they’re strangers.

Now, where have been able to of this happen, you ask?

The answer is Chicago.

As recent college graduate having moved here from the East Coast, I know the Windy City is the perfect region to end up once you leave college behind.

Here are a few intellects Chicago is the best residence to move to, particularly after graduating 😛 TAGEND

1. It’s a great situate for an entry-level job.

With Chicago being the third municipality in America, there are a lot opportunities to find a job right out of college. Tons of companies in the city are always go looking for brand-new endowment, and there’s ever plenty of thriving startups.

2. You don’t necessitate a car.

If you’re moving and not sure whether to bring your automobile or not, let me go ahead and tell you that you don’t needed here. Formerly you move here, you’ll hear treading and biking are particularly common.

Chicago also has an awesome metro railways and bus system. Don’t even inconveniences with autoes. You don’t want to deal with pointless parking tickets, parking fees EVERYWHERE or dealing with crazy road rage.

3. People are actually nice.

Yes, for a big city, people are actually nice here. Running from North Carolina, I knew I wasn’t going to expect any sort of Southern hospitality like I’m used to, but astonishingly, when I firstly moved here, questioning strangers for attitudes or admonition was not a problem.

People here are friendly, and it reaches you want to be nice, extremely. Most big cities have people who are insulting or don’t want to bother helping you or talking about here you, specially if you’re a stranger.

Chicago, however, is the opposite. Who doesn’t want to be around neat beings?

4. The food is incredible.

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to the food here. Chicago is breathtaking when it is necessary to diversity and different cultures. You can find literally ANY type of food here.

From African to Polish food, this city has it all. And of course, the instant you move here, you have to check off the classic deep dish pizza and hotdogs that make this city Chicago.

5. It’s affordable.

Coming straight-from-the-shoulder from college, I scarcely had any savings, and I was just starting a undertaking. Of track, coin was( and kind of still is) a stress on me.

Unlike other large cities like New York or LA, Chicago is moderately cheap. Minimum compensation here is $10.50, and the cost of living is near an average income. Whereas in New York, minimum wages is road less than cost of living. Trust me when I pronounce a decent standard of living is realistic in the first year of living in Chicago.

6. You’ll never be bored.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Rather than asking yourself, “What is there to do? ” you’ll be asking, “What festival should I to exit this weekend? ” or “What concert should I go to this weekend? ”

The city is broken down into smaller places, and there is something going on every weekend in every place, especially during the summer. With galas, concerts, live demonstrates, craft tours, restaurants, ballparks and everything else not in this list, you will ever have something to pick from when it is necessary to weekend plans.

So if you’re like me and want to meet new people and try brand-new happenings, this city is the perfect fit. Not only will you be able to grow and learn from adapting to this big city, but you’ll be able to do it at your own pace.

What’re you waiting for? Start packing your substance and get your laughingstock here.

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