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MIke and Dave Need Wedding Dates director, Jake Szymanski, at the premiere of the film in Hollywood ( Reuters)

While there are several biopics developed each year in Hollywood, there are also a handful of films that seem far-fetched but are actually based on true-life stories.

Here are the seven ridiculous movies you won’t believe are based on true-blue floors:

1. ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’


That’s right, the humor movie in theaters now, starring Zac Efron and Adam Devine, is based on a true-life story.

The film follows Efron and Devine as they search for neat times to take to Hawaii for a family wedding. Instead they end up receiving Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza, who turn out to be wilder than the brothers could have imagined.

In the real tale, Mike and Dave Stangle faced the same situation when their parents, who were well aware of their partying courses, “ve told them” to produce appointments to their sister’s wedding. The Stangle friends encountered their dates off of Craigslist.

Their book was the muse for the film of the same entitlement.

According to Zac Efron’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, “The real Mike and Dave, where reference is congregated them said, that about 80 percent of the movie is true-blue. It certainly did happened.”

2. ‘Pyscho’


This haunting 1960 cinema was based on the real fib of a serial executioner reputation Ed Gein.

The Academy Award-winning film, directed against Alfred Hitchcock, told the story of Norman Bates, a assassin who had faced emotional defamation as a child.

Gein’s personal legend and methods of killing were depicted in the film.

3. ‘5 0 First Dates’


This 2005 romantic-comedy seems like an laughable story.

Adam Sandler, a adorable veterinarian, falls in love with Drew Barrymore, or Lucy in the film, who suffers from a remembering ailment that causes her short-term storage is reset every time she wakes up.

In other terms, Sandler has to wooed her in a different way every day.

While this form of a short-term memory loss seems made up, it turns out the film is based on the real narrative of Michelle Philpots.

Philpots abode two front traumata in 1985 and 1990, which causes her memory to reset when she goes to sleep. Like the movie she has get married and has to be reminded of her union each morning by her husband.

4. ‘Rocky’


This 1976 classic cinema is about an underdog boxer who becomes a legend.

Sylvester Stallone gained notoriety and crucial acclaim for his role as the small-time boxer from Philadelphia.

The film is partially based on the histories of a small-time boxer from New Jersey called, Chuck The Bayonne Bleeder Wepner.

Though Wepner operated as a security guard , not a killer, and never ice skated in his life, almost everything else in the film matches Wepner’s life.

Wepner, like Rocky, boxed and maintained a prevailing record.

Wepner got his due when he sued Stallone in 1976 for not get recognition for the cinema initially.

5. ‘Jaws’


This classic, shark-attack thriller, think it is or not, is based on a true-life story.

While Steven Spielberg took his artistic autonomy to lend more drama, exaggeration, and scare to the movie, the movie is based on the 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks.

In 1916, after four parties were killed by an unidentified shark at the Jersey Shore, a massive shark hunting was launched to find the man-eating monster and shield the tourist industry from falling apart.

6. ‘To Hell and Back’


This 1955 conflict tale can feel like a “Captain American” film, but the film is based on the real legend of Audie Murphy.

Murphy was a 5-foot-5-inch, 110 -pound World War I soldier, who applied to every limb of the military forces until he was finally accepted into the Army. He plays himself in the movie.

Almost the whole movie is true-life, even the background when he supported off a whole German Infantry by himself by clambering into a burning tank and shooting with a machine gun.

Murphy also received a Medal of Honor for his heroism.

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