6 Deadly World Of Being Muslim And Gay Around The World

In Islam, homosexuality is an issue of locating, site, point. In some regions, being a gay Muslim is like prevailing the anti-lottery, where the main loot is base-jumping readings without a parachute or a errand to an actual concentration camp. Thoughts are miles better in the U.S ., where Muslims are becoming more accepting of homosexuality than, say, Evangelical Christians. And then there are all the places in between. We sat down with Khaled and Omar to find out what it’s like to be homosexual in Muslim-majority Middle Eastern countries like Jordan and Pakistan. They told us …


The Quran Doesn’t Explicitly Condemn Homosexuality, But Plenty Of People Do

Here’s an interesting thing about the Quran: Unlike the Bible, it doesn’t condemn homosexuality outright. All it does is recount the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, wherein God destroys two whole metropolis because of the male population’s “immoral” behavior. That’s primarily taken to mean homosexuality, but the narration too had noted that the people there is seeking to rape angels, so hey, perhaps that’s what God didn’t like so much.

Some foremost Muslim clerics denounce homophobia because it isn’t supported by the scripture. Sadly, Khaled never met anyone like that when he was coming to periods with his virility. “I realised that I’m different when I was nine, maybe. At that theatre, I started having daydream of the people in the Gillette commercial-grades hugging me. After some time, those dreams turned into soggy dreams. It freaked me out — “ve been thinking about” yourself that you are a different misfit is a gruesome know-how. I was 13 when I gazed “re going to the” library at academy[ during] the terminate to look for info, and I found that the encyclopedia, an Arabic one, talks about homosexuality as a horrifying life-style — it makes people sick, justification diseases and eventually demise, and that it is not accepted in Islam.”

Now, a lot of this might seem same to what gay souls in republican Christian parishes follow through, but it can be so much worse in Muslim countries. In Jordan, being gay can get you thrown down the stairs, so Khaled’s concern was more than justifiable. “I tried to be a good Muslim, ” he prolongs. “But every time I heard that the penalty for rehearsing homosexuality in Islam is to be killed, I would shake and get panicked. I literally disliked “peoples lives”, I was in a dilemma all the time. I adore God and I don’t want to disturbed him, but I couldn’t overcome my needs.”


Coming Out To Your Family Could Be Lethal

Despite Jordan being one of the most LGBT-friendly Muslim-majority countries — with lesbian coffeehouse and its own widely circulated gay publication — it’s still not entirely safe. That narration about lesbian parties being thrown down stairs? Not only did it happen in Jordan, but it was also carried out by the victim’s “families “. Homosexuality remains a taboo subject, which is why Khaled still wasn’t able to come out to his family.

“My mum would hate and accuse herself. My dad, if he survives a heart attack, “d kill me” for certain. My leader is the best papa in the world, I adore him a lot, I fantasize I’m his best friend … however, my father is a tribal gentleman( very proud and conventional ). I certainly wouldn’t blame him if he kills me if he detects I’m gay. Formerly, someone killed his son for being lesbian — it was the first we heard about this in Jordan — my father’s reaction was, ‘I would do the same.'”

Pakistan has far stricter anti-LGBT laws and social custom-builts, and one time beings there even openly praised a serial assassin of lesbian humanity. And yet Omar, who was born and raised in Karachi, is out to his family, and even able to gag about it with them. “My mum is notoriously stingy and used to dress me up in clothes passed down from my older female cousin, so I wore girl clothes until I was five years old. To this day, my mum says I turned out gay because she made me wear girl robes. ‘That’s what you get for has become a scrooge, ‘ I tease her.”

Omar was pushed into coming out to his family over a duo of throbs, of all things. “My parents took me to a family wedding when I was 19 years old, and everyone started gossiping because I decided to wear luminous dark-green chinos. To drum someone else supposing wildly to my parents, I sat them down and precisely “ve told them”. They try their best to understand, despite the enormous cultural and generational differences between us.”


Or You Might Examine Killing Yourself

In 2014, Nazim Mahmood, a gay man in northwest London, jump-start off a balcony to his death after his conservative Muslim family refused to accept him. It was an unimaginable tragedy … that’s not that unimaginable for Khaled. At one point, he considered the same occasion: “I didn’t have sex, because I wanted to be a good Muslim, and I wanted to eventually go to heaven … I prevented accepting, I didn’t know what to do, and I started having suicide considers. But suicide is the worst sin in Islam, so I was really standing, and thinking, ‘What shall I do? ‘ I wanted to die, but simply couldn’t.”

Unlike homosexuality, Islam is very clear on the topic of suicide — it’s not a love. So Khaled started weighing more creative workarounds for his question. “I believed to be going to Iran, or Saudi Arabia, where the penalty for gays is the penalty of death, so I could discontinue this drama without committing suicide.” For another option …


Gay “Cures” Are Still Big In The Muslim World

When Nazim Mahmood came out to his father, he told his son to try to remedy his homosexuality. In Malaysia, the federal government departments itself promotes lesbian alteration rehabilitations. It’s a popular, if wildly misinformed idea.

“After ending against suicide, I decided to change my sex direction, ” says Khaled. “I started reading articles on the internet, successful floors about people who managed to turn directly. I realized that I necessity a professional assist, so I started my journey with regiman, analysts, and physiologists. Frightful ordeal in the Arab world.” Mainly because their general approach seemed to be less “pray the lesbian away” and more “shame the homosexual away.” Khaled clarifies: “Most of them constitute you feel guilty, and that you are not a good Muslim … Some of them considered me in a bad way, as if I’m disgusting, though some of them detected sorry for me … The last-place one was ugly. He used to give me exercises of watching naked women and[ masturbating ]. It was horrific, I used to cry every time I did that.”

Finally, after all the humiliation, Khaled had an epiphany. “At the end, and in the last session with him, I asked him ‘What is the fruit you dislike the most, and can’t gobble? ‘ He said ‘banana.’ I asked him … ‘What is the one you cherish the most? ‘ He said ‘mango.’ I said to him, ‘If you can change, and cherish bananas and hate mango in 3 month, I will continue with the sessions.’ Of track, he answered that it is impossible, and that’s when I became totally OK with my sexuality … God is fair, he won’t penalize me for something I didn’t choose. Being gay is an example of my life.”


Islam And Homosexuality Have A … Involved Relationship

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, only 2 percent of Pakistanis are in favor of homosexual relationships. And yet at the same tim, Pakistan is the world leader in online searches like “man fucking man” and “gay fornication pics.”

Hmm. HMM.

A BBC investigation claims that behind the scenes, Pakistan is a “gay man’s paradise, ” thanks predominantly to its secret lesbian cafe. Dr. W. Dickson, who specializes in Islamic learns, is one reason why: “Today, numerous Muslim-majority civilizations have some anatomy of legal prohibited under same-sex relationships on the books, though this hasn’t impeded the formation of somewhat underground gay incidents to develop in places like Saudi Arabia, based around particular websites, chatrooms, and cafe. In more liberal metropolitans, like Jeddah, mortals often find it easier to develop nostalgic the relationship with followers, as their own families — and the police — are generally unsuspecting of all those who spend time together, whereas it can be very difficult for unmarried men and women to experience each other. Lebanon tends to be a more liberal country, especially in larger cosmopolitan municipalities like Beirut, where lesbian boys live their lives more openly.”

This isn’t brand-new. The Ottoman Empire decriminalized homosexuality back in 1858, a century before any country in the West. In the early 20 th century, Muslim Morocco grew, for lack of a better world, a Mecca for gay Westerners wanting to live in peace. But we can go even further back.

“Perhaps the most notable historical precedent, ” Dr. Dickson says, “is found in the openly gay Caliphs( lords or kings) of early Islam. Al-Hakam II( d. 976) was an Umayyad caliph based in Muslim Spain who had a harem of men, while Al-Amin( d. 813) was an Abbasid caliph based in Iraq who was also openly gay … Although their penchant for men was sometimes seen as a character flaw, little in accordance with the rules of open disapproval of them is experienced historically.”


Many Gay Muslims Live A Complicated Double Life

Countries like Pakistan or Jordan have very patriarchal cultures, focused on house( gay approval sure isn’t a situation, and possibly won’t be for a long meter ). And that’s one of the reasons why Pakistan grew such a “gay man’s paradise” — it’s all thanks to women willing to marry Pakistani lesbians in order to maintain their treat while they engage lesbian relationships. Yes, Pakistan has more whiskers than a Duck Dynasty marathon.

It’s basically the same in Jordan, as Khaled excuses: “My mothers nag a lot about me getting married, actually all the time. However, I ever have a social consider. I interpose my( expat) female sidekicks to my family as if they are my girlfriends, so mostly every year I have a new girlfriend … The last-place one was my friend, she is French, beautiful girl, their own families fell in love with her. Once their own families invited her and my boyfriend for dinner. My mommy cherishes my boyfriend, but she thinks he is just my friend.”

Seems like a setup for a Three’s Company episode, but all the evening did was prompt Khaled that he may never be able to be himself in front of their own families. “Every night I have to leave the plot of my boyfriend at 1 in the morning to go home so they won’t suspect anything. Because it is not accepted in my culture to live alone or to move from your parents’ house ’til you get married. If you do so, you will bring shame to the family.”

When family is everything, carrying their pity is a unique and dreadful mental sorenes. That alone would be incentive enough not to come out. But some kinfolks likewise ask you to meet them at the top of the staircase …

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