6 BS Excuses Developers Gave For Adding Boobs To Video Games

Sex is used to sell everything these days, from booze to cheeseburgers to, well, sexuality. Video competitions are no objection. And why should they be? After all, the biggest gaming demographic right now happens to be one of the horniest sectors of society. We’re speak about adult dames, of course.

Unfortunately, video game companionships are unable to simply suggest, “Yeah, we employ boobies on the handle to sell more copies.” Like a girl caught red-handed, they detect as if they have to come up with hilariously stupid excuses for their digital soot. Pretexts like …

# 6. Quiet From Metal Gear Solid V Wears A Skimpy Costume Because She “Breathes Through Her Skin”

Before Metal Gear Solid V came out, developer Hideo Kojima razzed an “erotic” new attribute: a sniper mentioned Quiet who reads good-for-nothing and wears almost the same amount of attire. Instead of the usual camouflage snipers commonly wear in order to do their jobs and not die, Quiet is equipped with a loop, a duet of fishnets, and a tiny cloth plowing( some of) her breasts.

Pretty impressive that she made her entire outfit with the stuff laying around in our garbage .

When the inevitable “WTF? “s started pouring in from across the Internet, Kojima has pointed out that there was much more to the character than we speculated. Once we played video games and found out the secret reasonablenes for her apparently exploitative examination, he promised we would “feel ashamed of[ our] words& deeds.”

And not in the usual route you feel ashamed 15 instants after looking at a reputation like that .

Wow, what could that possibly be? Some heartbreaking pain from her past? Proportion of a complex strategy that allows her to defeat her opponents? A parasite infection that returned her into some sort of monstrosity who breathes through her scalp? Yeah, it’s the last one. In point, she can only breathe through her skin, so she must show us as much of it as possible, at all times. And when she’s dancing sexily in the torrent or showering in front of everyone, for some reason? She’s actually clean drinking water, you see.

Then again, we’re talking about a game serial peculiarity nuclear weapons that gain sentience and kill themselves and psychic villains who speak your console’s remember card. We could nearly buy such explanations … if the dealership didn’t have another photosynthetic character who happens to be a gross old dude and garments like this πŸ˜› TAGEND Not even an unlockable thong costume? Do you even know your gathering, Kojima ?

# 5. Shower Scenes( To Facilitate You Associate To The Reference)

David Cage, known for emotionally accused tournaments such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls , is under the impression that, regardless of gender, the best route to get a gamer to connect with his character is a shower scene.

Given the dimensions of the showers, Cage’s target audience must be Bill Gates and Donald Trump .

We’ll refrain from any pranks about what this might say about Cage’s opinion on gamers themselves, but he’s being 100 percent serious. He claims he has “no restraints” on what he’ll allow in a game, as long as it’s key to the legend — and that goes beyond what the hell are you experience on your check, as evidenced by the time he( or someone in his firm, anyway) created a fully anatomically correct prototype of Ellen Page for the non-explicit rain situation painted above. We’re was necessary to presuppose every male attribute has a lovingly animated dong swaying inside their breathes too, in the name of realism.

Cage was explained that his shower incidents “may look gratuitous at first, ” but are in truth there to help you “build a relationship with the character” by letting you insure them when they’re “vulnerable and naked.” It’s kinda like when you watched those nude girls in Porky’s and instantly find a strong kinship with them. He specific points to Heavy Rain , which introduces Madison Paige right before she takes a late-night shower …

In its own experience, you’re a lot more vulnerable while exploiting another part of the bathroom .

… which turns out to be part of a nightmare. Yep, the big moment which is something we attachment with the character was all a damn fantasy. Then again, David Cage fornication stages have been known to trigger nightmares, so maybe that’s the part we’re supposed to relate to.

# 4. Dragon’s Crown Exploited Mega Boobs So That People Wouldn’t Think Of Tolkien

George Kamitani of the ironically-named Vanillaware was one of the main people behind the artwork for Dragon’s Crown , and he wanted his recreation to stand out in the crowded imagination genre. Fair enough. This was probably not the most decorous answer, though πŸ˜› TAGEND Ever misplaced some shreds in your cleavage? She misplaced an entire party .

Sorceress( that’s both her figure and occupation) has to fight mystical undead beasts while dealing with the severe spinal problems brought on by her ridiculously oversized gazongas. Kamitani claims that he was largely influenced by the styles of Dungeons& Dragons and Tolkien, even basing his designs on their “basic imagination motifs.” At the same experience, he didn’t crave anyone looking at this game and correcting it for a new Hobbit movie or something, so he “decided to inflate all of[ his] attribute blueprints in a cartoonish fashion.” He means “cartoonish” in the stereotypical Japanese sense, of course.

Did she push those enemies with supernatural, or with the breath displaced by her breasts? Not even she knows . This would probably be something we’d neglect and chalk up to anime being anime if it weren’t for how Kamitani got weirdly irked about one re-examine. Jason Schreier of Kotaku had the daring to question why the Sorceress’ boobs each needed to be larger than her pate, and Kamitani posted this on Facebook in response πŸ˜› TAGEND Zangief has aged well .

Get it? Kamitani was calling him gay! Edgy and creative.

# 3. Warface , A “Realistic War Game, ” Puts Women In Skimpy Outfits Because Fans Said So, That’s Why

All of these so far have been layout options made by people who at the least thought they were being artistic, and had nothing to do with their gaming constituency. This is where that stops.

2013’s Warface was liberated online as a gritty first-person crap-shooter, and statute itself as highly realistic. Unlike in games like Gears of War , the soldiers were, you are familiar with, human-sized. Snipers, for instance, look like real-life snipers …

Right down to the conventional seaweed-style armed slash .

… as long as they’re not female, of course. In that case, screw reality; gotta understand those booooooobs.

The “wears seductive eyeliner at all times” place is accurate, though .

Riflemen, extremely, had accurate full-body gear and realistic proportions — unless, once again, you wanted to play as a female. Then it’s minuscule waists, buxom chests, and the occasional exposed tummy.

“That tramp stamp expenditure me $140, so screw regulation uniforms.”

If that looks like the developers asked a knot of busters on the Internet what they’d like the characters to look like, it’s because that’s exactly what happened. They did draw the line at imparting the characters high heels, because, as they told an interviewer, that would be “just silly, right? “( Presumably, that was not a rhetorical question .)

It turns out there are still gamers out there who play these situations for non-masturbatory intellects, though, so the developers ended up dialing back the sexiness … in some regions, anyway. Russian musicians required exposed surface and got it, while the Chinese simulations were( and we paraphrase) “also disproportionate but in a way that’s more … Chinese? ” Not even they know what the hell that means.

Developer Joshua Howard likened this to how Coca-Cola is marketed the same worldwide, but may savor different in different countries, based on different savours. Basically, he was claiming that the extra tit hanging out of women’s military uniforms were about cultural sensibility. Way to go, Internet.

# 2. Bayonetta Gets Naked As She Fights Because Her Clothes Are Made Of Hair( Certainly)

Every woman( and grimy hippie) on the face of countries around the world will tell you that, between circumstances like additional shampoo, conditioner, and styling, long hair is not worth the upkeep rate. That alone hands Bayonetta one of “the worlds largest” head-scratching video game premises this line-up of Barney’s Hide And Seek .

No, we’re not talking about the shoe guns or crotch shoots. Gotta save something for future sections .

Essentially, the titular reputation is an angel-fighting voodoo who uses her “hairs-breadth” as an integrated part of her combat-ready mode, like she trained in a dojo that could only renders to hire seat above Sweeney Todd. When Bayonetta whips her hair back and forth, she summon beasts … and, let’s not kid ourselves, gamer boners.

Observe: This woman now co-stars in a game with Mario and Pac-Man .

Yep, while her whisker is a weapon, it also seems to be about 97 percentage of her attire. Any hour Bayonetta does a combo move, her mane flies everywhere and uncovers more skin. As her creator somehow explains without cracking up, “when she applies an attack you can see her skin is discover because she necessary her mane to construct the magic happen.” It was the simplest answer, really.

# 1. BMX XXX Is Basically The Sopranos Of Video Games( According To Its Manufacturers)

There aren’t numerous intellects to travel a BMX bicycle instead of a normal bicycle, unless you’re a bit of a masochist. There are even fewer intellects to play a video game about razzing a BMX bike, which is probably why Acclaim Entertainment chose they’d switch the 2002 publication of their Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX sequence into a parade of gratuitous nudity and fart gags.

Those are clearly not Mirra’s natural boob .

Besides the usual biking/ dicking around you do in these games, this version included “goals” like facilitating firefighters, looking after move pups, and helping children in the ballpark — tasks that seem better suited to bicycle police than a dude with pegs jutting out of his bicycle rotates, but what do we know. Accomplishing such assignments in this BMX utopia gives you money … which you can then spend on a row team, looking at times of real strippers dancing nude. You also have the option to create your own topless girl equestrians, which look as sexual as the graphics available to us in 2002 allowed.

That is to say, EROTIC AS FUCK, plainly .

After gaming websites pointed out that the game ogled stupid as blaze, Acclaim represented themselves by claiming they were “setting new benchmarks with BMX XXX .” They mourned that video games are held to a different criterion than “other entertainment media with comparable content.” Like what? Oh, like The Sopranos , for example. Apparently, setting some incidents in a row society sets you in the same conference as one of the most critically-lauded television series ever.

Also, who can forget the classic episode where Tony does a sick manoeuvre on his motorcycle and Silvio farts on him ?

One person who didn’t buy their explanation was BMX rider Dave Mirra himself, who didn’t know he’d be surrounded by naked laughingstock where reference is agreed to lend his image to the game. He ceased up suing Acclaim, and successfully got them to scrub his epithet and likeness from this turd. The activity sold terribly and Acclaim shut two years later. Such is the cost of being ahead of your time.

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