5 acts for February 14: White House, Israel, Russia, South africans, Iraq& ISIS

( CNN) Happy Valentine’s Day! Turns out commerces and sex are better for married kinfolks. But don’t fret, singles — you prevail sleep. Here’s what else you need to know to Get Up to Hasten and Out the Door.( You can also get “5 Things You Necessitate to Know Today” delivered to your inbox daily. Sign up here .)

President Trump publicly says he has full confidence in John Kelly, but talk of who might supplant the embattled joint chiefs of staff begins to heat up. Kelly is in hot water, of course, over the White House’s handling of former staffer Rob Porter, who’s accused of committing mistreating his two ex-wives. The White House claims it didn’t know about the allegations until very recently, but FBI Director Christopher Wray blew that narration out of the liquid when he witnessed the bureau repeatedly briefed the White House last year on its investigation into the aide.

Meanwhile, Michael Cohen, the President’s personal lawyer, told you he paid porn stellar Stormy Daniels $ 130,000 out of his own money. Daniels allegedly had a sexual encounter with Trump before his time in role, something Trump disavows. So, why the payoff? Cohen read, “Just because something isn’t true-blue doesn’t mean that it can’t induce you harm or shattering. I will ever shield Mr. Trump.”

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