5 things for February 13: More for military, less for diplomacy in Trump budget

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The Pentagon’s the big winner in President Donald Trump’s $4.4 trillion plan recommendation. Trump, who wants to increase “arsenals of almost every weapon, ” asked for $686 billion, one of the most significant military spending petitions in US history. Meanwhile, mediators are taking it on the kuki-chin. Trump’s budget would trim funds for the State Department by almost a third, to $39.3 billion. That prompted sharp-witted review from lawmakers, adjourned military leaders and others, who argued that it would undermine US security and leadership.

Elsewhere in the proposal, there’s $17 billion to fight the opioid epidemic, $18 billion for a border wall,$ 2 billion for a brand-new FBI headquarters and a controversial hypothesi to cut spending on food stamps by $130 billion over 10 years by replacing nearly half of poverty-stricken Americans’ monthly cash benefits with a box of food.

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