5 Subjects With 15 -Year-Old Snowboarding Phenom Chloe Kim

There’s no other room to make it: Chloe Kim is a attested badass.

In 2015, at exactly 14 years old, Chloe triumphed X Games gold in the SuperPipe event, drumming out X Games veteran Kelly Clark. The prevail solid Chloe’s place in sports history as a very young gold medalist ever at a Winter X Games.

But, she’s not done yet.

Chloe, who was too young to compete in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, tells attending the winter Olympics in 2018 would be “a huge honor.” But, before she gets on a plane in 2018 to kick ass and take calls in South Korea, she first has to stop in at the 2016 X Recreation in Aspen.

We emailed a few questions to Chloe to get an inside look at what it’s like to be 15 years old, a total boss and a young lady that women of every age can look up to.

How do you offset has become a teen and a far-famed contestant?

I try to live a ordinary teenage life as much as possible. I go to institution when I can and I hang out with myfriends. Its just hard to get that kind of free time in the winter, because I have to do a bunch ofhomework when I can, so that I dont have to worry about it when competing.

Snapchat or Instagram? Which one is your favourite and why?

I really like both Snapchat and Instagram. I like Snapchat because its something I can do with my friendsand it feels a little more private. I like Instagram because I adore posting visualizes and interacting with myfans.

Do you feel pressure, “goin ” as the favourite, to act and acquire again at the X Recreation?

I dont feel pressing to acquire, but I definitely do feel the pressure to go out there and do the best I can. But Ilove the X Recreation, everyones exactly always so stoked happening there and trip and it truly places a good vibe.

What will it mean to you to go to the 2018 Olympics in South Korea, the country your parents emigratedfrom?

It will definitely mean a lot, especially to my parents. I think that going to the Olympics would be a hugehonor and a fantasy is true. Certainly looking for 2018 and I think that its going to be a greatyear.

What manufactured “youve been” adore snowboarding after being not so sure about the boast in the beginning?

I was not so sure about the boast when I first started, but as I led snowboarding more and startedprogressing, I started to fall in love with it. I just think I had more enjoyable snowboarding when I was able to gointo the breath and do rotates and flip-flops. When I started to ride Mammoth, I had my first ever powder lead andthats too when I wanted to ride more gunpowder and hose, and thats why we bought a region in Mammothlast year.

Bonus: Where will you be in 2030, when you’re 30?

Wow, I never even thought of that up to now! Thats insane, but I think if my person lets me then Illdefinitely go for it. I dont imagine I can shape that decision right now, but hopefully!

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