5 fan-favorite Disney conspiracy theoriesaEUR” discredited at last

In a perfect Disney nature, everyone is related and all the legends are interconnected. Tarzan s Jane is Beauty and The Beast s granddaughter( which would explain why its so simple for her to understand “the mens” of the jungle ), while Tarzan himself is the younger brother of Frozen s Elsa and Anna, whose parents fell victim to a shipwreck, later on frequented by a bit mermaid.

Looking up Disney conspiracy hypothesis online can be a hard black hole to get out of, but thanks to a couple of reliable sources whove personally worked on a few of our beloved films from childhood, we can finally prepared a few of our mind-boggling questions to rest.

Aladdin administrators Ron Clements and John Musker spoke with E! News to tag the publication of the iconic films Diamond Edition. They also took the possibility of being discredit got a couple of illusions favourite among Disney diehards regarding the animated movies they worked on under the franchise.


On the subject of the movie being set in a post-apocalyptic future world-wide, Musker clarifies that they merely intended for the movie to be set in Baghdad, Iraq. We impeded it Baghdad in our first care, and then the Gulf War happenedthe firstly Gulf War, he clarified. When Roy Disney decided to nix the intended milieu, Musker took the messages of Baghdad, Iraq, desegregated it up, and came up with Agrabah, the final located that would finish up in Aladdins final version.

Theres too a rumor that when Aladdin, garmented as a sovereign, was necessary to Jasmines balcony via occult carpet and is met by a ferocious Rajah, he mumbles, Good adolescents take off their clothes.

According to Clements, they had plans for an pointing that involved the seller revealing himself as the Genie, but because of revising decisions, the revelation was left on the mow chamber floor.

The Little Mermaid

If youre dying to find out if the ship Ariel inquires in The Little Mermaid is the same one carrying Elsa and Annas mothers to their doom in Frozen , prepare to be toyed with even further. While Musker agreed that the theory was fascinating, the consensus is, theyre not really sure. You can talk toChris Buck ( Frozen co-director ), Musker mused.

Its not a totally hopeless fiction, though. Last-place year, Buck sort of confirmed that Tarzan is Elsa and Annas younger brother.


In the movie, while the nominal reference was psyching himself up by climbing on trees and singing about going the distance, a purple shooting star darts across the screen.

Disney’s Hercules

Theorists immediately suspected that since the same squad was behind Hercules and Aladdin, then it couldnt has become a adept, but preferably Aladdin and Jasmine taking a rapture go on a occult carpet while harmonizing to A Whole New World.

Nope! The shooting star, we were thinking, is Pegasus, Clements said of the assumption.

There you have it! While these refutes can definitely assuage a portion of every Disney love aching heart in the meantime, the jury is still out on whether The Evil Queen from Snow White is likewise Mother Gothel in Tangled or whether Boo from Monsters, Inc. is also the voodoo from Brave .

Screengrab via Disney’s Aladdin/ YouTube

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