3 Thought Everyone Who Doesn’t Watch ‘Game Of Thrones’ Can Relate To

It seems as though everyone and their mom has looked “Game of Thrones” and fallen in love with it. There’s even a series of brew made after the testify for announcing out loud.

If you haven’t ascertained the present, you know people who do watch have no issue letting you know how dreadful of a person you are for not expending your Sunday nighttime watching HBO.

The exchange with someone who is a fan of the sequence generally becomes a little something like this 😛 TAGEND

Fan: You watch’ Game of Thrones, ’ right?
Innocent Bystander: Nope, actually I haven’t.
Fan: WHAT ?! You should watch it — it’s awesome! I can’t believe you haven’t investigated it! What’s wrong with you?

You’re surrounded by people who disapprove of their own lives selections and there’s good-for-nothing you can do about it except move far, far away.

These are the three occasions all of us in the No, I don’t watch’ GoT’ tight-knit community experience at least a few times per week during the season.

1. You’re announced out regularly.

It usually happens when you least expect it. You’re out with some friends at a forbid relaxing and having a good time. Someone approaches your table to strike up aconversation and you think you have this shit under control. You think you’re going to talk about music or perhaps even a new movie that just came out.

Before you know it, those discussions displacements to the brand-new occurrence of “Game of Thrones” that aired the darknes before. There is one of two things you can do here: You can keep quiet and hope specific topics changes soon or utter you have never seen the series before. Don’t annoy too much about it, though. There’s no real lane to win this game.

You elect the second alternative. It seems like the right move. These are your friends and you have the same stakes. If you haven’t considered the show then surely they haven’t been keeping up with it either.

It is at this level you discover your best friend ought to have preceding secret lives and are huge fans of the demo. Now, you’re left alone looking like an asshole because you haven’t read the third book.

2. Laughs about the present go over your head.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to turn on a television reveal without coming across parodies and remarks to “GoT.” Various comedy programs, advertisings and late nighttime talk demonstrates laugh about the series.

The architects of these television testifies are clearly in on the prank. One era they’re writing your favourite proves, and then they turn on you like it was part of their job description.

If they like our picture, then they’ll perhaps like’ Game of Thrones’ extremely, right ?! Wrong.

3. People won’t believe you.

This is interesting because back in the day, people were adjudicated for watching displays similar to this one. We’ve entered into what has been called a nerd subculture that saves climbing in notoriety. The tables are diverting and we can’t keep up.

When you say you don’t follow the series, beings throw low-key subtlety in your counseling. I can’t say to you how many times I’ve gotten something of the implications of, What? Do you think you’re too cool for the demonstrate?

Well, sir. Make me tell you a little something. I can see you’re disturbed and I apologize for generating such distress. But I’ll have you know I am not cool — at all. I’m nerdy about stuffs, but this just doesn’t happen to be one of them. It’s nothing personal, I promise.

A little advice: Don’t try showing to them it’s not your go-to genre of video. It exactly acquires it worse.

Don’t feel bad, though. There are a number of people who don’t watch “GoT.” Our tones are just temporarily overshadowed. We need to stick together and say it’s OK to not watch. It’s OK to not read. It’s OK to not suck the beer.

Stand loud, accept proud and don’t back down.

And if that doesn’t act you can always tell them you don’t like “Star Wars.”

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