3 Paces To Acquire A Cat Tent From An Old T-Shirt

If you have a cat, possibilities are they’re your friends. And what do best friend do? … Go camping together!( Indoors, of course .)

Make your “cat-o-nine-tail” this cozy T-shirt tent with 3 gradations changed from Instructables.

Instructables/ jessyratfink

To see the tent, you’ll need 2 wire hangers , 4 safety pins , a square fragment of cardboard and a T-shirt .


Straighten out the hangers so “youve had” two long segments of cable. Use the ends to poke a opening in each angle of your cardboard base.

Instructables/ jessyratfink
Instructables/ jessyratfink


Shape the hangers into an dome, tape the middle-of-the-road together, and stick one objective through each defect. Secure with tape.

Instructables/ jessyratfink
Instructables/ jessyratfink


Slide the T-shirt over the tent frame, with the cervix flaw in front. Pin down the sleeves and foot of the shirt so there are no holes.

Instructables/ jessyratfink

Voila! Your “cat-o-nine-tail” is going to looove climbing inside.

Instructables/ jennyratfink
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