Long term relations are a fulfilling commitment that, done right, can become the defining point of a long and joyous life. Years of acquaintance does intend however that a certain frisson, the excite of spontaneity, does sometimes get lost in the comfortable routines of everyday coexistence.

These people understand this, and like to keep their significant other guessing. And what better acces to do that than with a imaginative practical joke? Because nothing is sexier than a sense of humor, right?

We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of boyfriends and husbands who make sure their relationships never get boring, as a follow on to our previous upright. Scroll down to check them out for yourself, and don’t forget to vote for the ones you like good!

# 1 Legend Has It They Remain Obscured To This Day

# 2 Went To NYC On Business And I Had To Show My Wife I Wasn’t Enjoying It Without Her, So Here Is Me Having A Bad Time All Over New York

# 3 R.I.P

# 4 Day 14 Of Wife Being On A Work Trip

# 5 My Wife Really Likes It When I Do House Work So I Transmitted Her These Photos While She Was At Work Hoping It Would Turn Her On

# 6 My Wife Hates Being Flustered, So We Astonished Her At The Airport

# 7 The Handsomest Man

# 8 Great Deal

# 9 Probably Another Bored Boyfriend At The Hobby Lobby

#10 My Wife Is Smokin’ Hot So I Picked The Shower Curtain

#12 Can A Girl Poop In Peace? My BF& Our Feline!

#13 Just Got To Tennis. Boyfriend Has Taken My Racket Out And Gave A Frying pan In Instead. I’m Not Even Joking

#14 My Husband Has Been Staying These In Places I Can’t Reach To Bother Me. It’s Working

#15 My Wife Ordered This On Amazon For Our Baby Announcement But It Didn’t Fit Her So I Chose To Throw It To Use

#16 I Let My Husband Decorate The Bathroom

#17 My Wife Ran And Won Her Age Group In Her First 5 K This Weekend. Here Are A Couple Pictures From The Race

#18 My Girlfriend Employed The Quote On The Left, It Took Her 2 Weeks To Realize I Changed It

#19 My Wife Took The Toddler And Left home With The Baby Yesterday Morning. SheaEUR( tm) s A Worrywart And I Love Photoshop. Lesson Learned: DonaEUR( tm) t Reply With Just A Photoshopped Photo When She Requests How Things Are Running With The Baby

#20 When You Leave Your Spouse In The Car To Shop At The Hardware Store On A Really Hot Day

#22 Just Doing What My Wife Requested

#23 My Friend Played A Prank On His Girlfriend. She Has A Night Vision Motion-Activated Camera Setup In A Quest To Plow A Sick Coyote. She Checks The Footage Every Morning Religiously. He Rented A Sasquatch Outfit And Sauntered Around The Camera At 4 Am

#24 Built A Garden For My Wife A Few Months Ago And It Is Ultimately Time For The Bountiful Harvest. Tonight, We Feast Like Kings

#25 Wife Gave Me One Job To Do For The Day – To Get The Dogs Tag Engraved

#26 Styling Done Right

#27 Being The Girlfriend, I Was Afforded The Job To Embellish Our New Home. Yesterday, My Boyfriend Said He Required To Pick Just One Piece Of Decor Out. I Was Affected He Actually Missed To Be Implied! Next Day, He Moves In Smiling, And Acquainted Me To Kittiana Jones. This Is Why I’m The Chosen One

#28 At The Time My Girlfriend Didn’t Know Why I Missed My Photo Taken On This Surface Of The Bridge

#29 My GF’s Obsession With Cheesy Cursive Signs Inspired Me To Oblige My Own Uninspirational Signs

#30 Women Confuse Me. My Girlfriend Sent Me Out For Groceries, And Like Any Rational Person, I Recalled That Meant Go Get Hats For The Dogs. Turns Out She Was Hungry

#32 I Did My Wife A Shower Curtain Of Me Sucking A Beer In The Shower. She WasnaEUR( tm) t Impressed

#33 Valentine’s Card From My Lovely Hubby

#34 Savage

#35 My Husband And In-Laws Required A Family Photo While I Was In Labor And Having Contractions

#36 After Months Of Denial And Many Nights On The Couch. I Eventually Got The Proof To Testify To My Wife Why She Sleeps Better Than I Do

#37 Friend Works At Mr. Lube And Sent Me This

#38 Bored Walking Around Hobbycraft With My Girlfriend And Did The Most British Thing Possible. She Pondered I Was Immature But I Belief IaEUR( tm) m Amusing

#39 My Girlfriend Told Me To Do The Laundry And Wash The Kitten

#40 Wife: aEURoeWhere Are You? aEUR Me:

#42 My Girlfriend Got A Bit Of A Shock When I Plunged To One Knee Only To Tie Up My Shoelace. Was Not Expecting The Verbal Onslaught That Occurred Afterwards( Props To The Stranger For The Photo)

#43 I Guess My Boyfriend Didn’t Quite Understand When I Said He Should Be The Penguin

#44 My Wife Told Me This Fork Was For The Crab. I Remain Dubious

#45 This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Boyfriend Alone For 5 Mins …

#46 Girlfriend Said “Go Get A New Shower Curtain Before My Mom Arrives.” I Envision This Is Fair

#47 My Roommate’s Girlfriend Didn’t Understand Why We Were Tittering At Her Shoes

#48 My Husband Is Real Mature. Couldn’t Leave The Crayola Experience Without Identifying His Own Color. Payton Is My Moms Dog That Will Hump Literally Anything

#49 Asked My Husband To Apply The Pillowcases On The Pillows

#50 So Me And My Girlfriend Had A Maternity Photoshoot And …

#52 What Practically 14 Times Of Marriage Looks Like Over Here …

#53 Wife Said aEURoeNo Cheap Flamingo In My Yard.aEUR 1 Month And Counting

#54 My Dad Prepared This Pic Of Our Rock Climbing Trip When I Was In 5th Grade And Sent To Mom. She Was Not Cheered

#55 I Snuck This Reminder On My WifeaEUR( tm) s Phone

#56 I Got My Girlfriend A New Bike Helmet. With A Drake Face-Print Balaclava Now She Ogles Like A Custom Video Game Character

#57 Went To A Ride Through “Safari”. I Took At Least 200 Pics. This Is The Only Pic My Husband Took

#58 I Bought A Tiny Violin To Play When My Coworkers Or Girlfriend Complain

#59 This King Size Bed Keeps Getting Smaller And Smaller

#60 My Girlfriend And I Chose To Swap When We Agreed To Be Peter Pan And Tinkerbell