230 -plus deterrents in one race places world enter for merriment

( CNN) The rat race, metaphorically speaking, is nothing to aspire to. It represents a craven hope for fund and influence through one’s vocation. Even if you win the rat race, as a favorite teach of mine liked to say, you’re still a rat.

Fit Nation: Around the World in 8 Races will air three times on Saturday, July 21, between 1 and 6 p. m. ET and one time between 5 and 6 p. m. ET on Sunday, July 22.

The Rat Race Dirty Weekend — which attracts millions of contestants every year to the expansive dirts of a princely property two hours northward of London — shares a few calibers with the career analogy. Ambition, pushing oneself and overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of your goal are applied to both.

But the objectives between the rat race and the Rat Race are much different. The physical race is less about getting ahead than it is a matter of recreation, fitness and the pride of overcoming horror and physical limitation in order to accomplish the course.

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