22 Friendly Reminder That Snow Is The Worst Thing On This Cruel Earth

Unless you’re a “Game of Thrones” fan, the motto “winter is coming” is never exciting.

It’s not even December yet and already, weather forecasters are prophesying large amounts of snow this wintertime. Isn’t it bad enough parties try to rush into Christmas before Halloween has ended? Now winter wants to take away our last-place few weeks of twilight and oblige everything shameful again.( In instance you couldn’t tell, I’m not the biggest follower of snow .)

Yeah, the fluffy white stuff might well enjoyable to play around in as a kid, but like everything else, adulthood has spoilt snow, more. When you’re a grownup, snow exactly symbolizes limitless shoveling, hazardous driving, and lots of cursing. If you’re pro-snow, here are a few reminders that this powdery nightmare is the damn worst.

1. Nothing do anything stupid. First responders won’t be on their way.

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2. I can’t allege I’ve ever dreamed of living in an igloo.

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