21 trees going out on a limb to request your assistance.

Hello, human!

1. A tree germinates amid a realm of blooms. Photo by Guillaume Souvant/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Yes, you down there. We’re talking to you.

2. Stars twinkle in the night sky over the treetops of a woodland in Frankfurt. Photo by Patrick Pleul/ AFP/ Getty Images.

It’s us the trees.

3. Beautiful fall leaves. Photo by Ozma/ Flickr.

We need a word with you. And it’s important.

4. The sunshine rises in Honolulu, Hawaii. Photo by Cliff Hawkins/ Getty Images.

Take a bench.

5. A tree cleared for clambering. Photo by Sergei Gapon/ AFP/ Getty Images.

We feed you.

6. Trees: They demonstrate us fruit. Photo by Sean Gallup/ Getty Images.

We cool down municipalities and sidewalks.

We release ocean vapor into the breeze and provide much needed shade to homes and streets to help keep metropolis cool.

7. A sequence of ash trees in a Chicago park, which have been treated with insecticide to keep them safe from pests like the emerald ash borer. Photo by Nova Safo/ AFP/ Getty Images.

We provision a beautiful, inexpensive space to clean up airborne pollutants.

Not to boast, but in Chicago alone, we remove 18, 000 tons of air pollution each year. And in Kansas City? 26, 000 tons ! Amazing, right? You’re welcome.

8. The midtown New York skyline behind blooming trees in Central Park. Photo by Timothy A. Clary/ AFP/ Getty Images.

We provide you with oxygen, free of charge.

9. A tree by the sea. Photo by Stephen Wernicke/ Flickr.

And we even raise your owned prices and can help lower crime rates.

Again, you’re welcome.

10. A Japanese white-eye( Zosterops japonicus) sits on a kanzakura tree in Taipei. Photo by Sam Yeh/ AFP/ Getty Images.

We don’t do it for credit. But after is to assist like this for millennia, we could use a kindnes.

11. Snow crossed trees are seen as Amtrak’s California Zephyr rolls past. Photo by Joe Raedle/ Getty Images.

We’re being destroyed.

12. A deforested place in the Ro Pltano biosphere reserve in the La Mosquitia region, Honduras. Photo by Orlando Sierra/ AFP/ Getty Images.

We’re not given an opportunity to thrive.

Even in circumstances where timber operations are illegal, like the Amazon jungle, these best practices continues.

13. A deforested area in the middle of the Amazon jungle in Para, Brazil. Photo by Raphael Alves/ AFP/ Getty Images.

It’s getting horrendous for some of us. And for the animals that call us home.

14. Trees supply homes and food for different forms of wildlife. Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/ Getty Images.

Sumatran orangutan are just one species affected by Indonesia’s booming palm oil industry. Millions of acres of prime peatland forest have been cleared to make way for plantations a practice that secretes tonnes of carbon, displacing trees and the destroying animal habitats.

So we need you to give a damn.

We saw some of you at the March for Science. Thanks for that. But you’re not done.

People in Times Square at the March for Science in New York. Photo by Bryan R. Smith/ AFP/ Getty Images.

We need you to stand up for trees. In their own communities, in your preserved natural spaces, and around the globe.

15. Coastal redwood trees at Muir Woods National Monument. Photo by Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images.

We need you to support conservation exertions, buy and support companies and makes that don’t contribute to deforestation, and encourage sustainable tree planting and harvesting.

The demand for avocado is so high that it’s fueling deforestation in Mexico. Farmers are thinning out existing pine forests to weed avocados. Not cool, tribes.

16. Trees are better in bunches. Photo by Ronaldo Schemidt/ AFP/ Getty Images.

We need you to fight for us because we’ve inclination over backwards to do the same for you.

Cough, coughing, “The Giving Tree, ” cough, cough.

17. A reclining tree near the Dinder national reservation, a protected field in Sudan. Photo by Ashraf Shazly/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Even when you make fun of us for inadvertently having belly buttons.

18. Trees, like beings, come in all shapes and sizes. Photo by William Warby/ Flickr.

So, please, lend us a hand.

19. A boy climbs a tree near the lake Ammersee in the small Bavarian village of Herrsching, in southern Germany. Photo by Christof Stache/ AFP/ Getty Images.

We’ll impede doing our duty to blow you away with our friggin’ magnificence.

20. Trees are magnificent. Photo by Bram van de Sande/ Flickr.

Stop by and visit us anytime, OK?

We really like watching all of you grow up.

21. A woman photographs blossoming cherry trees in Berlin, Germany. Photo by Sean Gallup/ Getty Images.

Warm regards,
The trees

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