20 Legends Of The Worst Roommates EVER( Told By The 20 People Who Had To Live With Them)

1 . They brought inferno into the house

HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND !! She and her gf moved here after my previous roommates moved out. I rationalized that I couldn’t help them when I was at work, and we discussed furniture and interesting thing that were already furnished in my accommodation. When I came home from task, there used to be three more lounges in my tiny front room. One literally stacked on top of my sofa. My sidekick said that her mom acquired her go everything and she had nowhere to make most of her stuff.

The second bedroom was their attire area, which after three weeks was so full of material that the door would no longer open. They never opened it for the next two months. They introduced my dining room table on its side to be established a Christmas tree, which was up for two months from Christmas. I operated 60 hours per week and had no perseverance for it. If I asked them to clean , nothing happened. They inhaled gras in their room everyday, both lost their jobs at WalMart, and eventually shut themselves in their room.

I’m allergic to rabbits, and one day I came home and there was one exactly sitting in my front room, staring at me with this strangely cute but horribly misplaced rabbit face. I told them I was allergic and they got rid of it after a week. And replaced it with a serpent, which they did not have a cage for.

I started defending my “honor” after they were there for three weeks, and my mom facilitated me remove and throw out their old-fashioned sofas after lots of convincing. I run full day and was doing this as a favor to age-old high school sidekicks, very poor decision moving from a small town to a city and to offer them a hand.

Eventually I couldn’t walk in the house, there were dishes in the tub and I was staying at my bf’s house every night simply to avoid their shit-lives. Then, one day( after four months ), I came home, and their bedroom was empty. My living room was full of their extra caskets and months of scrap. I still couldn’t open the second bedroom. Their bedroom had nutrient and rotted scrap all over. The front room and my bedroom were sparkling clean( holla holla at my own personal room) and the kitchen was truly the toilet of God and Lucifer.

They left without hire, and they literally vanished. This was a CLOSE friend of mine from high school. They changed their numbers and completely fucked off. I have not had a roommate since. I’m not the best party in the world, but fuck if I’ll ever made myself go through that again.

2 . She attempted to get me kicked out of the dorm

My college roommate, Annie, and I did not get along.

My first day there she put up a screen subdividing the chamber and told me never to speak to her unless she asked me too.

So a few months go by and we principally live in silent fury. Untill one day Annie has been determined that she required her friend to live in the area instead and that I was the spawn of Satan( I liked punk rock, had multiple pierces and pink mane) so she launched a campaign to get me to leave or kicked out.

First she said that I was smoking in the chamber( I don’t smoke ), then she inexplicably took all of my sheets, planted rotten nutrient under my plot, then( my personal favourite) told the ra( my lovers cousin) that I was a lesbian.

Predictably , nothing of this worked, so her next ploy was to make sure I caught her and her lover fucking on my bed.

When that also didn’t work, she physically attacked me.

After that last one, I just stepped out and never came back to the room. I reported Annie, she got knocked out and then I leased a home with my friends off campus.

3 .She didn’t understand why she had to clean up her dog’s shit

Current roommate never has her coin on time, refuses to applied my call on anything, and still perceives okay with complaining that I don’t help take the money to the place that it’s owed and asks for” my share of the late costs “.

Gets really upset when I request her to wash the floors that have her new puppy’s shit smeared all over. And I entail ALL OVER. Berths Facebook status like” I has truly stop being so nice” when I address these problems politely.

Gave my 30 date notification for the end of February and yesterday she told me she has acquaintances who are living in a garage so I’ll need to leave in five days for them to move in. Not happening.

4 . She was convinced I was secreting her keys

I will never forget her. She was paranoid and woke up very early and “prayed” out loud to God about me obscuring her key from her. She contended I had done this to get on her nerves and when she eventually experienced the keys in her vehicle between the seats she contended I had planted them there.

She also said that people who coughed in her existence were doing so to get on her nerves and she advised me that if someone coughed she would uncontrollably blurt out” F @-* You !” Which occurred at the bank one day when she was paying me her rent a few weeks belatedly. The good soldier who coughed had no theory why she was cussing at him. She was insane.

5 . Everything about him was dirty

My 2nd time college roommate was unclean. Dirty robes everywhere. He’d spill frosted tea, soda, coffee, etc ., and never clean it up. Same with meat. His slope of the area was just a mess, and I’m surprised we never had cockroach or mouse infestations.

Miraculously, he had a girlfriend, and they are usually Netflix and Chilled before Netflix existed. So, when I’d come back from hanging out with your best friend the area would reek like sex flavored popcorn … or their bodily fluids smelled like popcorn. Outraging either way.

Within a few months he decided to move in with his lover off campus. That “mustve been” the best day of my 2nd year

6 . She was taken away

Police came and took my roommate against her will because her Boyfriend called in a suicide alarm on her to school her not to say ” I’m gonna kill my soul !” each time something doesn’t exit her practice. She spent twelve hours in Psych at the hospital on her birthday…

7 . Literally everything was terrible

God there are so many aspects to this one truly shitty roommate place I had…

Three bedroom house. Two roommates, a girl and a person. Three hounds, Nothing of them quarry. One of the dogs( the most difficult sweetheart in the world) had a bladder question and would pee-pee the second largest he got excited. The roommates didn’t take care of their pups, so I was the one cleaning up after them and feeding them and whatnot.

Cleaning. Nothing did it except for me. Every darknes, I would clean the kitchen. Everything would be put away or in the dishwasher. Every morning, I’d wake up to a fucking ruin. No free counter opening, food left open on the counter for who knows how long.

Bills. We all paid rent on time, so that wasn’t a problem, but the girl who was in charge of paying the practicalities( her appoint was on the accounts; we paid her our section) forgot to pay them constantly. Once, our internet legislation was $350 instead of $60 because she had forgotten for two months.

The girl. Oh. My. God. The daughter. She got a DUI the day I moved in and lost her auto as a result. I had to drive her to work for two months until she bought a brand-new gondola. She couldn’t buy booze for a while after the DUI, but as soon as she could, she started going out to bars 4-6 times per week and would bring strangers dwelling after the bars shut, who would then be raucous and suck until 6 in the morning and scare the pee-prone dog. Plus wake me up( I was in college at the time- pfft, why would I require sleep ?)

The straw that ultimately broke the camel’s back is when I asked her to satisfy not bring beings home one nighttime because I had a test, scheduled interview, and presentation the next day. So she made parties home regardless and one of them wandered into my area around 4AM with the three hounds( the pee-prone one, large-hearted astonish, intention up urinating ). Then when I met her about it, she told me,” This is my house so deal with it or get the fuck out .”

Guess what I did?

8 . Kate.

Kate. Kate was a fucking bitch. She had a room in a house I shared with a few other minors out newcomers time in Santa Barbara. She was 28 years old, jobless, flunked out of academy, frights from not showering, teeth fucked up from cranny, mooching off her father, fucking scumbag.

To defined the record straight: I hate this bitch.

Kate’s favorite food in countries around the world was beets. She embezzled them from the local farmers marketplace, or became dumpster diving. She would often start a cup of beets boiling on the stave, and then get high-pitched, pass out, and keep forgetting them. She would go about her period until one of us got home and realise the smoke alarm was get off, and the house reeked like boiled beets.

She had two felines, but no offspring box. They would pee-pee and shit all over everything. We had to replace the toaster twice because her felines would piss on it.

She never paid statutes, but torrented acts prolifically and without care. The Internet at the time was under my identify, and I was receiving countless emails about torrent practice. I recommended a VPN, and she told me to fuck off.” I don’t care, it’s under your refer, you’ll get in difficulty .” I blacklisted her on the router after that.

One time our other Roomate held her money to pay the greenbacks. She spent it on coke. Literally. We got home from class, the unpaid bill was still on the counter, and she had the hallway mirror on the table with a few courses still cut.

Eventually she got pregnant. She found out the same week our proprietor chose he was sick of her shit, and established her 30 epoches notice. Somehow that was my fault, or at the least that’s what I was lead to believe when she screamed at me after class.

Anyways, that’s Kate. Fuck that bitch.

9 . She fucked her boyfriend’s dad

Roomie banged her boyfriend’s Dad as revenge for him cheating on her. Dad and Boyfriend got into a fist fight over her at our accommodation, which damaged a ton of material. She afterwards banged the Dad again while the Boyfriend and Mom were at church.

She had a mystery clam chowder that we could never figure out how she was changing it. She would heat it up, eat a bit, left open, heat it up again … echo for daytimes. The other roomie and I scoured for clam chowder cans only to receive where it might be coming from. Nothing.

Crazy Pants claimed I was ” ruining” our third roomie’s last year because I couldn’t handle Crazy Pant’s crazy and moved out. I impeded paying for my area as a courtesy to our third roomie, but Crazy Pants moved her Dad in and failed to mention the chamber I was paying for was being used. She bellowed at me over the phone” but it’s MY DAD !!” when I told her she could pay for the area if she was using it.

I gave my share of the payment to third roomie and informed her to never let Crazy Pants have it. Simply one renter was allowed to turn in a check, but third roomie handed over our rent to Crazy Pants. She rebounded the check four times before I shed my hands up and told the proprietor I’d pay my share for the rest of the lease in cash.

Never having roommates again. Crazy Pants constitutes the toilet tissue bandit bang tamed, and the toilet paper crook would use a whole roll in a day. She’d never flush it, but throw it in the scum until it was overflowing

10 . Her gobbling wonts were creepy. Her living practices were worse.

My ex room-mate used to live off frozen spinach, which she heated up in the microwave with a put of melted butter in an attempt to’ eat clean ‘. She would disappear for eras at a time and “re just leaving her” old-fashioned spinach in the refrigerator to decompose and the butter to congeal. The worst was her salad stage, where the old-fashioned lettuces, tomatoes, cheese and garmenting would always end up reeking like rotting fish. She never throw away her age-old nutrient formerly in 6 months.

One day she came home after a 3 day bender and threw an actual outburst( She was 21 at the time) because the house wasn’t spotless, and she used having a party in a few hours. When I say the house wasn’t spotless, we had vacuumed the nighttime before, the garden had been weeded the day before, there was no goblets or anything in the sink. She screamed at me for 10 minutes and then burst into rends and announced her father( A household sidekick of my mother) where it was called my mother about how ghastly I was. My mom giggled her out the door.

She dissolved up deciding to leave with no discover, then it became months of back and forward as she refused to pay for the notice period( 4 weeks) that we agreed upon. She then got her papa to call my daddy, and alleged us of” ganging up on her” because my Dad refused to divulge in this nonsense that had nothing to do with him( Go Dad !)

She was also racist and intolerant of any political views that weren’t hers. She used to invite groups of friends over and hide them in her chamber because she was humiliated by myself and another room-mates( All young professionals aged 24 -2 6 ). She would request us to leave the house if she invited her friends over and used to steal our small dogs to take photos with her friends.( We had to leave- the dogs were allowed to stay for photo taking determinations)

11 . My roommates girlfriend was certifiable

I knew that my roommate and his gf had gone through a bad stage. One darknes I sounded my roommate’s gf roaring. I did not know the human throat could do the racket she was clearing. I’d liken it to some swine for cite but I don’t know any animal who are able to draw that din. The next morning, I woke up and accompanied my roommate had scratches on his face. So I told him enough was enough and that I needed to know. He are broken down and told me she had 😛 TAGEND Told him that he didn’t need to finish college as their own families was rich and he could be a stay at home spouse, and that not going along with this plan meant that he was “feel like i m cheating on” her Told him he didn’t need to leave his room because she had no aims of leaving it, and that not going along with this plan meant that he was cheating on her Had munched on some popcorn while watching my roommate roar Warned to tell his parents that he was impotent Threatened to lodge a sexual assault action against him Burnt his academic achievement credentials Broken my crystal goblet and threatened to cut him with it Broken my crystal beaker and cut herself with it. Told her momma she was going to elope with my roommate Scratched my roommate’s look while he was sleeping Bitten roommate’s mitt and make blood Threatened to tell his mothers she was pregnant with his child

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