17 -Year-Old Snowboarder Wins United States’ First Gold Medal In Pyeongchang

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea( Reuters) – American Redmond Gerard claimed the United States’ first amber honour of the Pyeongchang Winter Recreation on Sunday with his succes in the snowboarding slopestyle competition.

Gerard scored a extend of 87. 16 to hold off Canadians Max Parrot and Mark McMorris, who finished second and third respectively.

The 17 -year-old Gerard, the youngest in the contender, property a perfect backside triple cork 1440 on his final range and despite Parrot landing the same manoeuvre on the final extend of the working day the evaluates privileged the American.

Gerard speculates taking a risk in the final lead was discrepancies between himself and Parrot. “I haven’t had experience for it to sink in yet, ” Gerard told reporters hours after the final result.

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“I simply look for different threads. I thought about( taking an easier boundary) but then I realised my trick over( the second move ), becoming directly over, isn’t as good so I maybe would have got fourth or fifth. So I might as well try and do good.”

In a later news conference, Gerard said he was already looking forward and would be taking a break from rival after the Olympics to induce snowboarding films.

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Every boarder had three cracks at such courses, with each athlete’s decision calculated as the best score of the three as assessed by the nine judges.

Despite frigid temperatures of -1 3 Celsius, the sunshine glint down on the love gathered at the foot of the descent to hearten on the equestrians. However, it was a strong cross-wind of 2 m/ s, combined with nerves, that made troubles for the athletes on their first run.

Over half the challengers suffered a fall on the first guide, including a heavy fall for Parrot, before New Zealand’s Carlos Garcia Knight kick-started the race with a switch backside 1260 on the final kicker to contribute after the first hot. He would never improve on that to finish fifth.

With competitives Sebastien Toutant, Gerard and Parrot still struggling to tract a clean running, McMorris took control of the contest with a dazzling second lead, finishing with a backside triple cork 1620 to score 85.20 and take the lead.

Gerard caused the bar with his backside triple stopper 1440 during his final run to take the lead off McMorris and the Canadian couldn’t respond, descending on the final kicker.

Parrot property the same gimmick on his third run but could have been tallied 86.00 to finish second. Subsequentlies, Parrot admitted to feeling the pressure going into the final extend of the morning.

“I find a lot of pres, particularly after bailing my first two controls and not putting a tally down. I had to ground this run so the pressure was at its maximum level but I feel I treat pretty well with it, ” Parrot told reporters.

Sergei Bobylev via Getty Images

“I knew my move would be on the pulpit so with that being said I was happy and when the score “re coming out” and I was second it was something very special.”

It was a disappointing period for Norway, who had three riders in the contender. Sochi Games silver medallist Staale Sandbech was fourth, with teenage perception Marcus Kleveland a disappointing sixth.

( Reporting by Jack Tarrant; Editing by Amlan Chakraborty)

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