11 Beings Share Their Weirdest, Most Awkward’ Sexuality With Ex’ Floors

1 .” We were both invited to take part in MY friend’s wedding( she was my friend firstly ), and I was absolutely fine with both of us being on the guest schedule because my ex and I concurred we are to be able both be grow about it. He texted me the entire wedding saying how good I ogled, and how he wish he came there with me instead of his plus one. Long legend short, he told me to meet him at the elevator when dinner was being served, took me into the men’s room and went down on me for a solid 20 instants. I missed the salad trend, but I’ll have oral over salad any date .” Kristin, 27

2 .” We found each other on Tinder. We both swiped right, never messaged each other. The weekend wheels around and he messages me( on the app) at 2 am saying U up? I pronounced yeah, come over. He did, and I think you know what happens next. TLDR : I rekindled the flame by swiping right on Tinder and refuting his loot call .” Hailey, 25

3 .” My ex has a five year-old daughter, who was really hard to say goodbye to when we is broken. My niece is seven, and my sister let me take her to a neighbourhood circu, this was about 4 months after the broken off. Of trend, we ran into my ex and her daughter, and it instantly cleared me miss both of them. I announced her afterwards that night, and she pronounced,’ Caylin’s sleeping if you want to come over .'( Caylin is her daughter) I was at her home within the next half hour .” Ricky, 27

4 .” I ran into my exes mom at the grocery store. She asked me how I was, and told me she “ve missed you”, and that I should make her daughter a call some time. I texted my ex that day to let her know what her mom pronounced. Pretty sure she was humbled, but continued to text me regardless. We satisfied up that weekend, and when I was in her couch she pronounced,’ Thanks, Mom, ‘” Greg, 26

5 .” My ex is the brother of my sister’s best friend, which is a little awkward because he totally screwed me over and my sister’s pal was super flustered about the whole circumstance because she determined us up. I led snowboarding one weekend with my sister and her friend, and of course my ex texted me saying he heard I was with his sister, which then made him to apologize for everything he did to me, bla bla bla. I was single AF at the time, and he was being pathetic and hopeless, and basically asked if I would ever give him another chance. I told him if he drove up to the mountains, I might think about it. He indicated up to the house “were in” staying at, we fucked, and I legit never talked to him again. How’s it experience asshole ?” Lisa, 26

6 .” Technically it wasn’t sexuality with my ex, but I fucked his twin brother. If that’s not reprisal I don’t know what is, and yes I know I had not yet been spirit, and is very likely to end up alone forever .” Macy, 24

7 .” My ex and I managed to stay moderately friendly, and I had no one to dog sit one weekend when I was going away. As a last resort I went on a extremity and asked if he would, I even offered to pay him. He agreed to which was super nice of him. When I came back on Sunday to pick up the dog he didn’t commission me, but I demonstrated him a gratuity that I think he thought was well worth it .” Christiana, 26

8 .” My cousin determined me up with one of his sidekicks from college. It clearly didn’t work out, and I don’t hang with my cousin all that often so it wasn’t like I had to see him everyday. My cousin had a Superbowl party this year, and I knew my ex would be there. Everyone was watching the game upstairs in the front room, and I went downstairs in the cellar to bring up another case of brew. While I’m getting it, my ex comes down and asked him if I requirement improve. He started helping me and reaching small talk, and before I know it we’re fucking on my cousins treadmill. I had some major flames on my ass, and didn’t even cum, so not worth it .” Lauren, 25

9 .” My ex and I have a lot of the same sidekicks, which is tense, but we make it task. We all took an awesome group vacation to Miami, my ex included, and one nighttime we went to an enormous dance sorority and are determined to take some Molly even though they are. So “were in” both reeling and couldn’t retain our hands( or lips off of each other ), and while we were on the dance flooring we both started dancing with this daughter who had rainbow frights, and we kept touching them basically mesmerized, and we decided to give her some Molly more. We pointed up wreaking her back to the hotel to have a three-some. To this day we still don’t know her epithet, we are only call her Rainbow dreads girl. It was an interesting vacation .” Jessie, 26

10 .” My sidekicks and I made a bet on some stupid trivia fact that I Contend I was right about. I was so sure that I was right, that when they gamble me if I was wrong I would have to text my ex and request her out, I concurred. Transforms out I was wrong, and my relentless sidekicks coerced me to text my ex asking if she’d go to dinner with me. To my bombshell she actually refuted and said she’d be willing to. I was already enough of an asshole with the whole bet circumstance, so I ended the least I could do was show up. The whole occasion she tried talking about what went wrong with our relations, and got all emotional in all areas of the entire dinner. When I drove her dwelling she started crying. Basically the only method I knew how to draw her stop crying was to kiss her. So I did, and then she started going method into it, and we had sexuality in the back seat. The sexuality was good, but the situation was just method too fucking creepy. TLDR : I ever imagine I’m right, which conduct me to lose a bet that involved fucking my ex .” Harry, 26

11 .” My ex left one of her bras here after we had broken up, and she told me that she required it back. I told her I wasn’t going to hand give a bra and that if she required it she could come by and get onto. She comes over, I answer the door, and she asks for her bra, but before doing so she decides to tell me she isn’t currently wearing one. I was super confused/ turned on and didn’t know what exactly she was suggesting. All of the sudden she’s taking her shirt off and we’re making out. After “were in” done, she moves out the door and what do I ensure on the sand next to my couch? Her fucking bra. It’s still here. Obviously her programme to come back here and fuck me .” Justin, 25

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