10 Democratic rising stars to keep an eye on for the post-Pelosi era

( CNN) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s massive upset of 10-term Rep. Joe Crowleyin New York earlier the coming week generates a yawning opening among the ranks of future Democratic leaders.

With Crowley travelled, an entire generation of aspiring Democratic commanders has been wiped out— some from impatience, others from lack of political ability. Regardless, a vacuum-clean now exists between Pelosi( 78 years old ), House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer( 79) and House Assistant Minority leader Jim Clyburn( 77) — the three crest grading Democrat in the House — and the rank-and-file in the party.

Politics abhors a vacuum-clean. So I reached out to a handful of the close spectators of House Democratic politics and ask questions for reputations of current members who could, should or will step into the void. There was a remarkable quantity of diversity in their collects — only Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos was mentioned more than once. There was also a fair sum of geographic diversification — member states of Washington State, Arizona, Texas and New York were all mentioned. And age diversification! Three of the Democrats are in their 50 s, four are in their 40 s and three are in their 30 s.

30 -somethings 40 -somethings 50 -somethings
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