Shaun White: ESPN snubbed me for X Games because I criticised system

Snowboarding ace declarations system failed to invite him to this years X Games because he described ESPNs attempt to take the phenomenon world-wide as a huge failure

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White says ESPN eliminated him from last-place months Winter X Games in Colorado because White criticised the network for a lack of commitment to the annual event.

White, one of the most storied competitors in X Games history and one of the most difficult mentions in snowboarding, was not invited to the phenomenon in Aspen in January, to pervasive astound. ESPN declared it had declined to invite White but failed to say why.

White told the New York Times he recollected ESPN, which controls and organizes the X Games, was upset with remarks he made to Forbes magazine in October.

In the interview, White queried a percecived need of passion for the X Games from ESPN, and added X Games attempt to expand globally was a disappointment because ESPN refused to change its marketing platform, instead having the same announcers, same people, same competitors and eventually diluting the brand in the US market.

X Games led world-wide; it was a huge disappointment, White added at the time.

Yeah, I had some constructive disapproval, I suspect, White told the Days on Friday. It wasnt certainly disapproval. It was more public information.

An ESPN spokesman, Danny Chi, denied that the comments had led ESPN to leave White off the listing, but Chi would not explain why White was not invited. Its our program not to discuss the details of our bidding process publicly, Chi said.

He props the X-Games accounts for gold medals and highest overall medallion count, and has acquired 10 ESPY Awards.

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