ATV or UTV? That is an issue

I have this love/ hate relationship with Craigslist.

I love that it offers up a plethora of used( and sometimes new) goods with a few blows of the keyboard.

And I dislike that it offers up a plethora of used( and sometimes new) goods with a few strokings of the keyboard.

I wasnt really in world markets for another ATV. Then I accompanied my buddys new Kawasaki Mule UTV and, unexpectedly, I missed one. Well, I see I do regardless. Or perhaps I dont.

Heres the situation: I have an early 2000 s Honda Rancher 350 ES. I got the machine for a steal through a Craigslist ad( where else ?) and it has been much more than I expected.

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I have no idea how I got things done before owning an ATV.

Its realized checking course cameras much quicker and less intrusive, hanging treestands is much less of a chore.

Ive drag out numerous winters worth of firewood with it, and plowed practice more snow from my driveway than I care to remember.

It is a implement in every gumption of the word. That said, it has its limitations.

For starters, carrying a passenger is not the most wonderful of undertakings and, technically, frowned upon by the folks who wrote those ruffling security manuals. Having my bride on the seat behind me? Kind of fun.

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Having my chum Freeman sitting behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist? Kind of weird.

A side-by-side UTV offers the very real advantage of an additional set( or more is dependent on example ).

Hauling wood has also proven to be somewhat problematic. My ATV has a hitch and I have an old sheet-metal trailer that Ive fitted with higher slopes to increase is payload capacity. The ATV hauls it just fine but years of eject along have taken their toll. My little trailer that could probably cant for much longer.

Contrast that to a UTV which includes a dump plot. I can drag much more firewood in my ugly mini-trailer, true enough. But the UTVs bed will do the job more effectively and with less hassle.

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In fact, there are many instances in which Ive cursed the limited storage ability of my ATV. Hauling treestand and climbing remains represent one of those hours. I have a drop-basket rack and it does help. But its simply not big enough.

The UTVs bed can carry more and is deep enough to prevent stuffs from bouncing out all the time.

But . . . the UTV simply cant fit into the close-fisted infinites my ATV can. When are seeking to navigate through a woodlot thats a very real consideration.
Here another consideration: Trailer size.

I have a 4-foot by 8-foot practicality trailer that does an excellent job of toting my ATV around wherever I need it to go. If I get a UTV, Ill likewise requirement a bigger trailer.

Of course, that bigger trailer is required because the UTV is a bigger vehicle which is part of the attractivenes of the machine.

So, yeah, Im torn.

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Even more so by this one final ingredient: Price.

UTVs cost more than ATVs. Yes, Im sure the committee is exceptions but, for the most proportion, youll compensate more for a brand new UTV than you will a brand-new ATV. The same goes on the used market. Folks seem to cherish their UTVs because the inventory of used machines is pretty restriction compared to the number of used ATVs available. And the prices are higher.

So, what the hell is do?

Well, like most decisions worth build, I plan to think on it a little bit more. To weigh all the pros and cons.

And, in the meantime, I best stop looking at Craigslist.

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