Nine dead on Nepal’s Mt. Gurja after snowstorm, officials say

( CNN) A renowned South Korean climber was among nine beings killed when a ferocious snowstorm reached their clique on Nepal’s Mount Gurja, according to officials.

A rescue helicopter was completed at about 7:15 a.m. Sunday, and by 9:40 a.m. all nine mass were found, the ministry said. Some mass had been located Saturday.

The nine-person team had been missing since Friday, when officials lost contact with the climbers. It was not clear how significant progress they’d made up the 7,193 -meter( 23,600 -foot) Himalayan peak. No climber has summited the mountain, which is far less popular than Mt. Everest, in 22 years.

Woman clambers through McDonald’s drive-thru window to plagiarize food and money

A lady was grab climbing through a drive-thru opening and robbing a McDonald’s early Sunday morning.( iStock) A woman was caught on surveillance video clambering through a drive-thru window of a Maryland McDonald’s at around 1 a.m. last Sunday. In the video, the unidentified dame is first recognized reclining through the window and stealing a … Read More

‘Glamour’ magazine forced to delete hilariously bad ‘Becky with the good hair’ article

Amid the glut of thinkpieces bordering Beyonc‘s massively viral album-event Lemonade essaysthat pick apart her imagery and lyricals, chiefly “Becky with the good “hairs-breadth”, ” which may be a cryptic reference to her husband Jay Z‘s paramourwhite people are still struggling to understandwhat’s going on. And talking about it even if they don’t. Glamour magazine’s … Read More

Here Are 10 Of The Dumbest Jumps This Daredevil Guy Has Ever Did

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Private firefighters and five-star inns: how the rich sit out wildfires

Record-breaking US wildfires are fueling a cottage industry of boutique services and numerous are happy to pay the price With record-breaking wildfires engraving up the American west this summer, firefighters have become the rarest of civil servants: the kind almost universally lauded as heroes. Buttress dropped into California’s firefight from as far away as Australia … Read More

Partial skeleton exposes primate ancestors dwelled in trees

A 62 -million- year-old part skeleton discovered in New Mexico is confirmed that early primate ancestors preferred to dwell in trees. The New Mexico Museum of Natural history& Science reports that the skeleton was uncovered in New Mexicos San Juan Basin by Thomas Williamson and his twinned sons, Taylor and Ryan. Williamson is the curator … Read More

What Veterans Search Like After A Decade Of War In The Middle East In 10+ Offending Pics By David Jay& James Nachtwey

Wars never genuinely end, because even though they may finish on the battleground, numerous veterans produce the battle back home and are forced to live with them for the rest of their lives. This sad and sobering truth is highlighted by Photographers like David Jay and James Nachtwey, “whos been” documenting young and naughtily wounded … Read More

Opinion: Tragic drone strike with airliner ‘inevitable’

( CNN) Editor’s note: Geoffrey Thomas is the Editor-in-Chief of The opinions expressed here are solely his. It now seems inescapable that a dreadful accident involving a commercial-grade plane with hundreds aboard and a drone is only a matter of time. JUST WATCHED The rise of drones

It’s Only January And Migrant Deaths In The Mediterranean Are Already Climbing

The first few weeks of 2017 are proven by just as somber as 2016 was for those attempting a better life in other regions of the world. Far fewer migrants are moving the trek from the Middle East and Africa to Europe but many more are dying en route. As of Jan. 15, 2,914 migrants … Read More

Lilian Calmejane triumphs Tour de France stage eight despite late assault of cramp

The Frenchman Lilian Calmejane overcame cramp to acquire theatre eight of the Tour de France as Chris Froome lived a brief off-road excursion to retain his yellow jersey This Tour will see the end of an epoch when the French housewives favourite Thomas Voeckler hangs up his rotates at persons below the age of 38 … Read More

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