Thousand Oaks gunman was a Marine veteran which are usually visited the scene of the shooting

( CNN) Back in April, detectives in Thousand Oaks, California, responded to a disturbance at the home where Ian David Long lived.

A mental health specialist with the crisis crew met with him and felt he might be suffering from post-traumatic stress disease. But after been talking to him, they decided not to detain him under laws that allow for the temporary imprisonment of the persons with psychiatric issues.

Seven months later, men swarmed his home again for a quite different conclude: a mass shooting.

Australia Jobless Rate Edges Higher, Employment Misses Judgments

Australia Jobless Rate Edges Higher, Employment Misses Estimates By Michael Heath @maheath1 More storeys by Michael Heath Updated on Participation rate equals highest level in seven years New South Wales contributed territory professions gains, Victoria the losses Australia contributed fewer places than forecast in February and unemployment margined higher as more parties tried study, suggesting … Read More

Sex authorization is a worldwide conversation

( CNN) Karen matches Jeff at a party and he instant seems like a kindred spirit. She retained waiting to hear a telltale reference to an absent-minded spouse, girlfriend or partner but there’s no mention of a significant other.

These Wool-Blend Tees Will Keep Your Outdoorsing Stink-Free

When summer punches the Pacific Northwest, people go bonkers. A typical sunny Saturday might consist of rock climbing in the morning, longboarding in the afternoon, and grabbing a six-pack before paddling out to a remote beach to watch the sunset. Your cotton thrift store tee isn’t going to cut it on daylights like these. Thankfully, … Read More

Bring on Game 7: Dodgers take stimulating World Series to decider after win over Astros

Chris Taylor, Corey Seager and the Los Angeles Dodgers sent the twist-and-turn World Series to Game 7, rallying against Justin Verlander to vanquished the Houston Astros 3-1 One of the most intensely and evenly contested World Series ever will be decided on Wednesday night. The Los Angeles Dodger thrust a decided seventh competition in the … Read More

These 11 Olympic And Paralympic Hopefuls Are Legitimately Inspiring

On August 5, 2016, about 200 people will fly their flags high in the sky of Rio de Janeiro as they are involved in the 2016 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. Thousands of players will step and wave to the crowd, taking a moment before the clocks start and the whistlings seem to reflect on the … Read More

Simply do it: the experience economy and how we turned our backs on’ material’

New figures present we are still expend less money on buying events, and more on doing things and telling the world about it online afterwards, of course. From theaters to pubs to patronizes, firms are clambering to adapt to this shift It was an presumptuous plan for an unloved fragment of Manchester. A 25 m … Read More

Mount Everest Is A Sh* tty Therapist

The first time I met Eat, Pray, Love was on 28 -hour door-to-door trip from Nepal to New York City. I’ve never related less to a film. I should have liked it. I saw it after a five-week errand I’d embarked on alone. Just me and the sort of loneliness that comes with “ve been … Read More

Go exploring with Outdoor Afro, the group facilitating black people get back to sort.

“I opened my lip and my life fell out.” That’s how Rue Mapp felt in 2009 when she firstly shared the relevant recommendations for Outdoor Afro , a blog to reconnect African-American parties with the outdoors. “And that was a surprising time, one of those instants where all those things that you just take for … Read More

Vladimir Putin: Is this one sporting competition he can’t prevail?

( CNN) Russia’s sporting honour may well be dragged through the clay over the past time — but its plucky executions in a play in which it has little real tradition have won plaudits. The participation of the nation’s track and domain contestants at August’s Games remains in doubt following allegations of state-sponsored drugging ,~ … Read More

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